As a teenager, Steece Hermanson dreamed of being a hand     engraver, but training was out of reach. At age 15 he became a jewelry polisher for a local jeweler. This was the first step in a journey that led him to be a successful third-generation jewelry maker and an award winning JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler .




As it became evident that a growing number of senior hand engravers were leaving their trade, Hermanson decided to revisit his dream of being a hand engraver - dedicating himself to an intense study of the art of fine hand engraved lettering.

 Born in 2005, Heirloom Hand Engraving LLC is devoted to  serving the retail jewelry trade with an emphasis on excellent service and the success of its clients.

   Heirloom Hand Engraving LLC partners with fine retailers to deliver quality hand engraving to customers across the country.